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Rocky and Baylor Snapshots:                   Page 1 2 3 4 5 6

Rocky and Baylor check out their toy basket. Hmmm, which toy?

Maybe the snake?

Yeah, this is a new toy.

Hmmm, what will Baylor pick?

...the little birdie.

In the park, Rocky and Baylor love to run and play.

Baylor runs across the damn.

Rocky spots a critter hiding out in a cactus.

Baylor returns home through the doggy door.

Rocky and Baylor celebrate their birthdays on January 6th.

Baylor models her birthday hat.

Baylor opts to eat her birthday steak and oatmeal bread dinner, picnic style, on the floor.

Baylor says "Yum!"

Rocky munches his at the table.

Rocky asks "Are there seconds?"

Rocky discovered a new sport - dumpster diving.

He got perfect diving scores until we discovered child locks for the cabinets.

Rocky and President Bush discuss the Iraq situation. And Rocky shakes for a treat.

Rocky and Baylor dream of their favorite things - bread and cats.

Baylor plays front seat driver while Rocky plays back seat driver.

Baylor and Rocky make a new friend. Sniff. Sniff.

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